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Software - House to House

Point to Point Vol 1 $35.00
   Featuring 56 Power Point Sermons; 53 Audio sermons; 34 Manuscripts and Bonus Features
Studies on Instrumental Music in Worship $25.00
   This set contains 9 audio cds and a bonus cd that contains PowerPoint sermons and manuscripts the audio sermons.
Studies in Leadership $25.00
   This 10 cd set contains audio sermons from both William Woodson & Tom Holland on the education and edification of elders and deacons.
Encouraging and Instructing God's Men $25.00
   This 10 cd set is audio sermons aimed at both educating and edifying men who have dedicated their lives to God's service.
Lessons From Wendell Winkler $25.00 (or 4 Vol. Set for $80.00)
   4 Vol set (10 CDs in each volume) of audio Sermons by Wendell Winkler.