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Be Counted: Numbers: Living A Life That Counts For God
Product ID 9781564767035
Be Counted: Numbers: Living A Life That Counts For God
Counted: Living a Life That Counts for God by Warren W. Wiersbe

In different parts of the world, the word "count" shows up with assorted meanings. "Count us out!" is what American teenagers say when they have their own plans for the day. ( "Include us out" is a variation of this phrase.) To a fight fan, "counted out" means that the boxer is on his back in the ring and has lost the fight. "No count" is a brief way of saying that somebody isn't worth very much in the eyes of society.

To "count kin" is a Scottish term that means "to compare family trees" with somebody to see if the two of you might be distantly related. Thanks to modem science and science fiction, "countdown" is a very familiar word. It's the process of signaling the launching of a rocket by counting from a higher number (usually 10) down to zero. "Five, four, three, two, one, zeroblast off!"

But perhaps the most familiar use of the word "count" is as a synonym for dependability: "You can count on me!" It may have a military origin. Once soldiers are in position and have "counted off," they're ready to hear and obey their officer's orders. This is the way I'm using "count" in this book. To Be Counted means to be the kind of Christian God can depend on to get the job done right.

The Book of Numbers opens with a count of all the fighting men in the camp. They were counted but they couldn't be counted on, because all but two of them died during Israel's march through the wilderness. Then the new generation was counted, and they were people that the Lord could "count on." They trusted His Word, entered the Promised Land, and claimed it for their inheritance.

As never before, the church needs people on whom the Lord can depend. We have too much "cafeteria Christianity" these days, with God's people going from church to church, "sampling" ministry and not settling down to serve the Lord faithfully in the place where He's assigned them. No wonder we're losing so many battles.

Studying the Book of Numbers can help us better understand how God directs His people, why being faithful to Him is important, and how we can grow spiritually in the difficulties of life. We don't have to fail as did that first generation; we can be "more than conquerors through Him that loved us" (Rom. 8:37).

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* Pub. Date: April 1989
* Publisher: Cook, David C.
* Format: Paperback, 176pp
* Series: The BE Series Commentary Series
* ISBN-13: 9781564767035
* ISBN: 1564767035
Price: $10.99
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